Top 10 digital marketing trends 2021

Top 10 digital marketing trends

Marketing is moving forward thanks to technology and its advances. Digital marketing is a dynamic industry that sees new innovations emerge more frequently than ever. To keep up with the latest developments, you must know what is going on. What companies anticipate for the next few years is something you should know. Keeping up with the latest trends can be a great way to keep your business in line with the times. To determine if they are on track, businesses should follow the latest trends. They enhance the way they interact with their target markets. 

Here are the 10 digital marketing trends that you must incorporate into your strategy.

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1. Emotion analysis

Artificial intelligence continues its revolution in digital marketing, and you can expect to see companies using analysis of emotions. This includes the analysis of keywords used to express emotions. For an analysis to be performed by companies, they only need one keyword. Artificial intelligence (AI), if you comment with the word “excellent”, it will review your comment. It will determine whether or not your post was positive. This allows them to make adjustments to their products and customer service.

2. Social messaging

We have seen an increase in the use of social messaging apps. People will use these platforms for more than just personal communication. They can also connect with companies through these platforms and vice-versa. To strengthen client relationships, social messaging will become more common for businesses. They will also use these to educate their target audience about new products. They will also utilize social messaging apps to provide customer support.

3. Chatbots

Chatbots give instant feedback to customers via chat. They are available to answer any customer’s questions 24 hours a day. Chatbots can be used by companies for the introduction of new products and/or services. Chatbots are currently used by about 70% of websites. But quality is not yet the best. Additionally, 63% of consumers say they prefer communicating with brands via chatbots online. 

4. Intense personalization

Despite the internet’s role in transacting, consumers are more inclined to have their content personalized. Marketers will deliver more personal messages to customers. They will also send these messages promptly. Studies show that 65% don’t appreciate generic advertising. Additionally, 80% of respondents prefer brands that provide them with personalized experiences. Some companies are already pushing the boundaries in personalization.

5. Shoppable posts

We are seeing more and more companies incoporating shoppable posts. These posts enable consumers to directly purchase the product by clicking on the photo or video. They can click on the ‘Buy Now’ option by hovering their cursor above the image or video. The link will redirect them to their product page once they have clicked it. This feature drastically reduces the time customers spend buying. Pinterest and Instagram are now shopping destinations for millions. These social media sites integrate images with links to direct consumers.

6. Find out more interactive content

Interactive content is a rising trend in digital marketing. They will demand more interactive quizzes, polls, and surveys online. They will also want to see more 360-degree videos. Interactive content will offer consumers an incentive to visit the company’s website. The content will also be shared with their network. It increases brand awareness.

7. Voice search

Voice search is another emerging trend that uses AI. Voice input is expected to be used more often by companies. This will allow customers to voice search for their questions. On-line maps will likely follow the same approach. Online maps will soon be used more often by online stores and establishments. This will allow customers to locate them more quickly.

8. Mobile optimization

Marketers will focus more on mobile OS optimization. Google places a high priority on mobile-first search. Marketers may also be interested in new mobile ads networks. This is possible to use in-app advertisements. In addition, mobile transactions will prove to be more beneficial for consumers. They will rather shop online than go to physical stores.

9. Pay attention to psychological variables

Companies will place a premium upon psychological variables. This is a way for companies to pay more attention to the individual than to a wider audience. This will give them more access and insight into behavioral attitudes as well as demographics. They will also use heat maps. This will enable companies learn more about their customers and what drives them to their websites.

10. AR/VR marketing

AR and VR marketing will continue being a major driver of future digital marketing. AR and VR marketing initiatives will continue to grow in number. These immersive technologies can easily excite customers. They give people something to look forward. AR and VR marketing are great for improving customer experience. It makes them want to try the products and ultimately buy them. AR will probably outpace VR in both of these cases. AR is simpler to use when it comes marketing.

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Written by Alina Butt

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