The day is finally here, August 8, the day that #KenyaDecides. And I guess most of you know that. I don’t know whether that decision really matters, whether it will change anything or it’s just a mere formality that we get to do after every five years, but regardless, it’s our decision anyway. And as I woke up today, enduring the morning cold to make long uncomfortable queue, basking under that hot sun, encountering those mean looking policemen… and all those inauspicious things you can think of; it’s not because it’s my democratic right, or because out of spite, or being compelled to by the law, or bribed by a certain greedy politician… naah… am doing it growth and development of my country, my motherland. From ashes to beauty rises hope for the next five years that seeks a better future of our children. Ideally you don’t have to vote because you have a constitutional right to but we ought to vote for what we believe in. And that is what I’m doing today.


Taking it down on a personal level – in five years from now God willing, I will be a father, what country will I want my children to find, grow in, call home, sleep and feel secure… the planning for the little ones starts today. As I cast my vote today not only am I doing it because am eligible but for my future and my children to come. What the past never gave me or taught me, I change that today, I choose to make better choices today for the future of the next generation and the generations to come. As Kenya decides, I decide for the future of my children.


No normal Kenyan would want to go back to 2007/2008, when the fabric of Kenya was frayed and torn by violence and hatred in the aftermath of the 2007 general election. In that time of unprecedented fear, we abandoned one another, our ideals, our sense of community and our commonalities. We turned on each other, brother against brother, neighbour against neighbour, taking lives and destroying properties. But when our country appeared to be divided, we discovered our bond, Love. Love of country, love of hope, love of dreams, love of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. So today and forever, let our country remain united, let us be one as we face another general election.


The West once said, “Until Africans realize that they alone can change the destiny of the African continent, they remain a fodder to the rest of the world.” Yes we are a fodder, but one with brains and this is that moment we have to prove them wrong. Even though in fear we sing, in fear we dance; in fear we see our lives improve, our country progress; Oh Lord, let thy fear come. It’s our country, our continent and we get to have a say on its future.


If your candidate wins just celebrate in peace and if he/she loses just accept it, if there’s a challenge to the results, let it follow the right channels that are provided by the constitution. And yes they will rig, if anything to make it better, justice only exists in the next world. In the current world, we only rely on the law. We are not defined by the mistakes of others or by the sins of the select view. We cannot stand too low to resort to violence, we are no animals for heaven sake. For the love of humanity, let’s uphold peace. So for today and the days to come lets shun away from tribalism, from being incited, idiotism and choose brotherhood. One may ask, what is the precise moment, in the life of a country, when tyranny takes hold? It rarely happens in an instant; it arrives like twilight, and, at first, the eyes adjust.


If my opinion adds to anything, this election is not a supremacy battle, not about tribe but a contest between the few who became billionaires at our expense, and the millions who suffered as a result. And above all always remember when you feel good, you don’t have to be concerned about anything else because your thoughts, words, and actions will be good.


For me and my family we will vote with our hearts for peace, prosperity, idealism, change and integrity. As we exercise our civic duties by casting our ballots let our better angels shine through. Let’s remember that there is a tomorrow after the elections; your child will need to go to school, you cow will need feeding, your fiancée we still demand for that vacation to Dubai… that will only be achievable if the normality of life continues. So let history remember this day as the day Kenya became a politically mature nation.


Ok – you’ve heard it, seen it, and lived it. Now let’s go and vote. But…

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