Tips for first-year college students

Tips for first-year college students

Starting college is an exciting step in one’s life, but it can definitely be stressful or scary at times, especially if you had decided to study abroad. If you’re attending university in a distant city, expect to feel excitement in meeting new people and forging new friendships, but also to experience some homesickness. If it’s your first day at college tomorrow and you’re up all night, searching for tips and tricks to survive your first day at college, stop right here. We have highlighted some of the tips that will help you survive and have an astonishing first year at college.

As soon as college starts, students tend to worry about the future. Well if you are worried about a load of assignments, you just don’t need to, as college assignments help is always available. And for the rest of all the issues, do not stress, take one day as it comes.

2. Socialize with the correct people

Like subjects, you will be learning a lot about people too. You will meet different kinds of friends and you have to decide which ones will be a part of your life. So ensure that you are in the right company. If you feel any sort of company is not adding value to your future but pulling you away from your vision, then it’s time to change the company you are with.

3. It is okay if you change your mind

Choosing subjects for the first year can be overwhelming. And so can be choosing extracurricular activities or any other participation. If you have enrolled yourself in something and do not find it interesting, it is okay to change the topic or activity. Just ensure that you abide by the rules and inform the respective department heads about your change of choices.

4. Do not try to fit in

And by this, we do not mean that we should not try to be socializing. What we want to say is that do not change your core identity or personality for anything. Some adaptations and a few alterations are fine, but if it is not “you”, stop doing that immediately.

5. You cannot impress everyone

A college is a big place. Some people will like you and some will not. It’s okay if you encounter such people. Just be nice to them, but do not waste your time trying to impress them.

6. Make attendance your priority

Though skipping classes for anything and everything may seem fun, please try to avoid that. Make attending classes and having a good attendance your priority. It will be easy once it becomes a habit.

7. Be consistent

If you are attending classes, try to finish the given work on the day itself. This consistency will help you in completing assignments, ranking better in tests, and staying up to date with the system.

8. Do not procrastinate

College life is meant to be fun. All your leaders will have discussions on how they spent time in college which includes more enjoyment and less of studies. But beware, you can discuss those only if you have built a successful career out of those years. Thus, do not procrastinate and do everything at the right time. This will also help you remain physically and mentally healthy.

9. Get to know your teachers

Your teachers are like your family in college. Of course, there will be a set of teachers that you like, dislike or like more than expected. But they are your mentors who will help you get through every stage of college life. So try and have a healthy and positive relationship with them.

10. Develop healthy habits

You have a social life, loads of assignments, classes to attend, extracurricular activities, and a whole lot of things to do. Thus, it is easy to get lost. So try to concentrate on yourself and give yourself some me-time. Develop healthy habits, drink plenty of water, exercise, avoid late nights unless absolutely necessary, and so on.

11. Connect regularly with family

Your family misses you as much as you miss them. But with so many things in your life, you may tend to ignore them or do not have much time for them. So try to make it a habit to talk to them and tell them about your well-being at least once a fortnight. Keeping in touch with family is an essential thing during college days.

12. Take a break

It’s okay to miss a class or a group activity if you are feeling low and want to take a break. Just do not make it a habit. Rest is an important thing for the body. And if your body is signalling you to rest, you must listen to it right away.

13. Seek help

Never be afraid to ask for help. People will always be willing to help whether they are your colleagues, friends, or teachers. All you have to do is ask. And ask at the right time. Do not wait for the situation to get grave or completely out of hand.

14. Make memories

No doubt you are in college to have a bright future but do not forget to make memories on the way. Once you enter the world of making a career, you will have enormous responsibilities. So while you are in college take out time for friends and family and enjoy yourself with them. Make memories while the sun shines.

To conclude

Going to college can be an exciting and overwhelming thing. You will find yourself having butterflies in the stomach as well as a strange feeling of nervousness. But remember you are doing just fine and in the end, all will be well.

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Written by Anna Johnson

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