It’s on March 9, 2017… the 68th day of the year and I couldn’t be more grateful, happy and blessed to be alive. I consider it a bit farcical to write about my birthday on my blog, leave alone to celebrate it. But today am going to make an exception. Before I start ‘partying’, let me first express my gratitude to God Almighty for the gift of life and a great thank you to my family and friends for their love and support. That done, allow me to do this stupid thing of when, where, why, how, who and what. It’s kind of a taboo for ‘us’.



Thursday, March 9. This is the most important day to me, because it marks the day my journey began on earth. The boring part about my birthday this year, is that today is a weekday. Birthday parties held on Fridays or weekends tend to be more lively and I think you know why.

I will go for 8.00 pm. The time is impeccable because at that time people are from work. I know you have things to do like; watching news, chatting on Whatsapp, preparing for work tomorrow and the sort. I hope the time is not late for you. I promise I won’t keep you out that long. Or maybe I will.



Am thinking, in the CBD, Nairobi of course. I have some reservations about entertaining a bash at my place, because for one, am having two parties today, one will be with my family and some two or three neighbours am told. And my cousins will be there, whoa! The other party will be with friends. And here am talking about the latter. Lol… Hmm… Am I forgetting the ‘others’? Not really.

Am for the CBD, as it’s more accessible for most people and a central place for those wishing to attend. Don’t ask why, am just trying to be accommodative. For the actual place, check your email.



If there is a person, who has whys in his/her head. Then just read my title, “It’s my birthday!”. And in case you are not convinced as to why… why? I did a little research on why I should celebrate and embrace this day, and why you should grace my bash with your attendance, so here are some of the people am honoured to share a birthday with. Talk of Bow Wow, YG, Maite Perroni, Matthew Gray Gubler, Matt Bown, Juliette Binoche, among others.

They say that, us (those born on this day), have our most defining qualities as intuition, justice, self-sacrifice and sensitivity. That we tend sometimes to feel psychic, emotional receptive and truly selfless. I agree, partially. We are in the pisces horoscope anyway.

As for the theme, am thinking of “Long, prosperous and successful life”. I guess that won’t be bad. I like it, don’t you? It tries to sum up my sole purpose in life. Am not even certain that birthdays should have themes, but am trying something new this year. Others will question the necessity of having a theme… but it’s my day and party, and am in charge here.




A couple of weeks ago I created a Facebook event for my birthday, and many people have expressed interest of attending. Well, in case your R.S.V.P got lost in the mail, you are still welcome to attend.

Am so sorry for those who didn’t know about it, I assumed otherwise. But if you didn’t make a reservation and still asking ‘how?’ just pick up your phone, dial my number and let’s talk about it… Oh! Wait, I think it’s fully booked. Will you mind standing?



I think it’s a bit weird to turn away any person interested in, good faith, attending my bash. So as long as you made your reservation and confirmed your attendance, then your seat it intact.

Technically, I do give first priority to my best friends, yeah, and also to my close and good friends. Don’t question me on this, I value my friends more, I have this thing – principle, ‘Friends are the siblings God never gave us’. Now you know why.



Hahaa… Hilarious. For those of you who asked the “what” question, and I guess most of those attending the event are kinda asking themselves, ‘what?’ As in ‘what to come with?’, ‘what to wear’… bluh! bluh!… Let me be clear and explicit on this, you are not obliged to bring any gift, pay or remit any money, fake a smile, greet me, hug me, sing or say ‘Happy birthday’ to me, or stay long than you want to. And neither are you compelled to attend. Naah.

And if you made a reservation and still you feel you can’t or won’t attend, you know what to do. Though I will prefer if you come. If you feel that today is the worst day for throwing a party, just like I do, I can make an exception (the weekend is just a day away).


And to show my appreciation, for having this day as my born day and you choosing to celebrate with me. Before the day ends, I will be doing two things. I will be offering a special gift to one attendee, selected through a raffle ticket. And if your birthday is today, as in we share a cake day, remember to contact me. I will be offering a present to any person, in any country who has his/her birthday on 9th March.


Okay, well… I guess that takes care of everything. Did I leave something out? I don’t think so. I hope, maybe, to see you at 8, am looking forward to that, it will be something worth remembering. Lots and lots of fun.

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  1. Happy birth day my dia vicky i wish u all da best in ur lyf tym as u r
    celebrating this special day enjoy it.

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