Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Tag: Cars

How to handle brake failure

How to handle brake failure

It's a red light. You put your foot on the brake pedal, but nothing happens. You push it again. It goes to the floor, but the car doesn't slow down. You try again, and again, but nothing happens. Your brakes have failed, and nothing can stop this 2-ton machine that’s ...

Top 10 best car brands in Kenya

Top 10 best car brands in Kenya 2021

Kenya is one of the biggest markets for the world’s most famous automotive brands. Either for comfort, prestige, or just convenience a car is something that everyone will wish to aspire for. There are many car brands in Kenya and there are two main groups that stand out; Japanese car ...

How to prevent a catalytic converter from clogging

How to prevent a catalytic converter from clogging

All car manufactures are required to equip their cars with at least one oxygen sensor and a catalytic converter to monitor the exhaust gasses, analyze them and correct them from harmful to less harmful gasses before emitting them into the atmosphere. A catalytic converter is an exhaust emission control device ...

Things to consider when buying a car

Things to consider when buying a car

Owning a car, for personal or business use, is a dream shared by millions and millions of people across the world. However, not all get to own one in their lifetime. Buying a car is an exciting but daunting task, especially if you don’t know much about cars. Some few ...

How to pay for parking in Nairobi

How to pay for parking in Nairobi

Nairobi County has moved to digitize its operations, including revenue collection. In a bid to curb corruption, motorists will be required to pay for parking using the ePayment system instead of the traditional cash method. With the this system, motorists can not only pay for parking, but also check their ...

Top 20 most expensive cars in the world

Top 20 most expensive cars in the world 2021

To most, cars and vehicles in general, are simply modes of conveyance. But to others, the rich that is, cars are pieces of art that ought to be cherished. They will spend millions of dollars just to own the top-notch and most expensive cars ever created. Cars created at the ...


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