Mistakes to avoid when buying a TV stand

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Do you know when you walk into a house and the first thing that your eyes and mind instinctively go to and notice and then pretty much stay there? Yep – that’s right – we’re talking about the TV stand! The modern TV stand comes in all shapes, designs, and sizes today. Purchase the right one, and you will have a piece of furniture that greatly adds to the décor and the functionality of your entertainment system.

Buy the wrong one, and it can be a complete disaster. Here are 3 costly mistakes many people make when buying a TV stand and how you can avoid making them. When you shop for a TV stand, you have to keep in mind that there are some mistakes you should avoid at all costs. Below I show you what these three common mistakes are so you can avoid them when buying a TV stand for your home.

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1. Size

I had the same problem. I found a stand I thought would work in my living room that would also match with arm chairs, but when I got it home, I couldn’t even get the stand in the front door. It ended up costing over 100 dollars to get it delivered and return the original one. I had to buy a smaller TV stand that had more room around it. If you are looking for something, measure before you go buy something that neither fits into your house or even has room to store it after you bring it home.

The depth of the stand is another important consideration. It should be about 10 inches deep, which is enough to support most current televisions that are 60 to 70 inches. The depth makes sure that you will not have any stability or safety issues with your TV. If you purchase a large TV, such as 84 inches or larger, you probably want to purchase a custom-made wood television stand to provide the correct structural support.

2. Storage

Many people are surprised by how much equipment and games they can store in their media center. If you’re limited to a 32 inch TV stand, this is the perfect solution for viewing DVDs and videos, playing video games, and watching movies simultaneously. So don’t be afraid to think ahead when buying equipment that needs to be stored in such a small space! TVs, DVD players, and other equipment can take up a lot of space. Having a TV stand with shelves allows you to put other items on the lower shelves.

3. Safety

Do you know which products will best suit your lifestyle and activity at home? If you have kids and a dog running around the house, you need more protection than someone who lives alone. Next, layout the front of the stand where your television will be located. Measure the length of your tv. Draw this measurement on a cutting board or cardboard, then cut it out. This will be used as a guide for the plywood board to keep your TV centered. If you have active children or pets, safety may be more of a concern than the look. It’s not that you can’t still get rounded stands. It’s just there are only so many variations on the theme.

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Written by Nancy Miller

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