Mayfair CIB Bank branch codes 2021

Mayfair CIB Bank branch codes

A branch code is an identification for every branch of a bank or financial institution. More often than not, one bank may have more than one branch in a single location, and even when the addresses are the same, the branch code will always differ, distinguishing one from the other. Branch codes are always available as can be accessed from various means, via the checkbook, passbooks, website, and so on. Basically, a branch code is a number that tells the location of the branches of a bank. All the branches under a particular bank will each have their own unique code that will distinguish them from others.

Even before you see the name of a bank’s branch, the code can convey the message. A bank’s branch code is very important as it comes in handy while carrying out banking transactions; thus, it is advisable to always keep it handy. Likewise, every financial institution has its own distinguishing bank code which usually comes in double digits and this two-digit number constitutes part of every branch code under that particular bank. For instance, the bank code for Mayfair CIB Bank is 65; thus, this number appears in the first two digits of every branch code of the bank.

Here are all the branches of Mayfair CIB Bank and their codes.


Branch name

Branch code


Head Office






Mayfair Centre






Eldoret Branch



Industrial Area Branch


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