A lot of things in relationships of this day and age, make me believe that karma is indeed a real bitch! Look.


If you want to know that things are not okay in someone’s relationship, or if you want to know that it is seriously raining on their relationships, then try and check on what these people (who were initially “lovers”) post in their timeline lately:- check on their status updates on Facebook and WhatsApp and you will know that premature love-affairs are tricky and picky. In fact, their status updates communicate everything; what is happening in their relationship. (They make us know that they are currently walking at different orbitals) Look on what they post. Very sensitive and repulsive stuff. I have always seen this happen.


A lady meets a guy in Facebook, they comment on each other’s posts, they like each other’s pics, they exchange contacts and then later you see them in a relationship. Then you wonder whether these people were initially single! They fail to mitigate your doubts that they are just cheating on each other.


That’s the time you see them updating their profile pics on Facebook, WhatsApp, et al. If it’s a guy you will see him making the photo of this girl, his profile picture. The same happens with the lady. You will see her changing the status update to something like “I love you Vic, Dan, Mesh, Don, etc.” You will see her busy changing the profile picture now and again showing some sound moments with her bae. They make it public that they are in an “open relationship” something I call infatuation. It makes me loathe knowing very well that the relationship is no gonna take long. That’s the time I inbox the lady and drop my ‪#‎wink saying “All the best in your relationship.”


But then in the middle of the park, I don’t know what happens later on in their affair. Things blow up and you unfortunately notice some changes in what they post now vis-a-vis their previous posts and updates. You realize that things are not the way they used to be. They change that profile picture. The guy is no longer her profile pic. It’s something different like cartoons or motivational message about giving up in love quotes. That’s the time you see them updating things like; – “From now my heart will be used to pump blood and not for loving stupid people who don’t benefit me anymore.”


Then you believe that indeed life’s Karma is a bitch and there are some pigs out there who are busy wallowing in the mud and then they come looking for a clean person to rub against. Joke not with love of this day and age!

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