They say that poverty is propelled by a number of factors, for instance unemployment, illiteracy (lack of proper education), deplorable state of health, among other ‘lula hus’. But realistically speaking there are other people out there who have made it, when even the chances were so minute. People who share my line of thinking, ‘poverty is just a state of mind’, are either rich or deep down they believe that they will one day be rich, by chance or by miracle. They don’t want to give reason a chance that the possibility of them beating that fantasy is so slim, not likely to happen.


Rich people believe they were born to be rich, that riches are there for them, they deserve to be rich. They will flaunt it, brag about it, smear it on your face, just to let you know that they have that status. Ok, others will not, but the power of money is beyond recount. They will proceed to dance on your grave, scare you off, that not all people are meant to be rich. That to be rich, to cross that line, requires you to be a hard worker, very smart, determined, committed, passionate… the list continues. While some people have that heart to keep pursuing their dreams, others will just give up. And that is where the difference lies.


And when you fail, they will tell you that poverty a weakness, lack of virtue and willingness to work hard. Yeah right, those rich people, the ones who have attained that socioeconomic class, they fail to recognize that they enjoy more privilege than the so called poor class. They think around themselves when considering the factors that facilitated their success. When poor people tend to discuss their external-based disadvantages, the rich will see them as excuses rather than reasons. As the rich tend to look inside themselves to support their success, the poor on the other hand will look outward for reasons why they are poor and unsuccessful.


Poor people are perceived to be lazy, they fail to push their dreams and put extra efforts to achieve their dreams. But instead they choose to keep dreaming, day in day out, till their dreams fade away, they never want to achieve them. Rich people believe that those poor guys, undervalue themselves and their potential. That they choose to settle for poor lives, they close their minds and hope that one-day God will open doors to their success, instead of trying to work for it. Well, poor people will tend to narrow their minds to the obstacles in life instead of looking for opportunities to exploit. To the rich guys, opportunities don’t just come knocking on your door, you have to go out there and look for them and seize them. But the poor will always be poor because they want better lives, but don’t want to work hard for them. That state of mind stems from a privileged mentality of denial.

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