iPhone 11: Trendy smartphone with many extras

The iPhone 11 from Apple is a functional smartphone for users who prefer a simple but elegant design without having to compromise on the features. It has exciting functions – the camera built into the iPhone is particularly impressive, as it helps to take photos with both ultra-wide-angle and wide-angle lenses. Anyone who invests in the Apple iPhone 11 receives an excellent combination of classic design and modern technology. In addition, the iPhone 11 will usher in a technological turnaround that makes the smartphone so incomparable.

But it is not just the camera that is equipped with many additional functions on the iPhone 11, which is increasingly transforming the smartphone into a camera for making phone calls. The slim housing made of glass and aluminum, including the A13 bionic chipset, is waterproof for up to 30 minutes. A big plus point is the taking of night pictures, which can be carried out with this device. In total, the iPhone 11 is available in three storage capacities – there is a storage space amounting to 64 gigabytes, 128 gigabytes and 256 gigabytes. The display of the smartphone has a size of 6.1 inch Liquid Retina HD display and is grease-repellent.

Should it be iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro? Use is most likely to play a role here. While the classic iPhone 11 is better for people who consume media and make phone calls, the iPhone 11 Pro is best for the people who want to use the cell phone camera or just want to have a premium device at their disposal. In a direct comparison between the normal version and the premium version, there are large differences, so that everyone should consider for themselves which functions are more important to them and which functions should be available.

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Safely protect your own smartphone

For many, the iPhone is a real investment, especially when it comes to the sensitive camera that deserves special protection. For this reason, an iPhone 11 case should be used to protect the smartphone. Sensitive components such as the high-quality, integrated camera are quickly destroyed by a fall. But what must be considered in order to find the right protective cover? These three types of cases for smartphones are particularly common:


Flip cases have a high protective function, as they protect both the front and the back from falls. But good protection is hard to buy for many, because before the smartphone can be used, it has to be opened again.


Basically, bumpers are the opposite of flip cases, they just put a silicone edge around the smartphone so that falls are cushioned. In most cases, however, neither the display nor the back of the smartphone are protected.


For particularly slim smartphones such as the iPhone 11, the mobile phone cover is certainly a hard case. They have been specially designed for the shape of a slim smartphone, so that it offers extra protection even for sensitive smartphones. However, there are cell phone cases – such as an outdoor case for water resistance – or a silicone case that are suitable for people who quickly lose their smartphone. The Tough Case is one of the toughest cases for smartphones.

Should I or should I not…?

Everyone has to decide for themselves whether they want to protect their smartphone and the camera of their iPhone 11 or not. The recommendation is clear, however – a suitable protective cover makes a significant contribution to better protecting the smartphone and, in some cases, its displays. However, it is not even just about protecting the smartphone, it makes it a beautiful design object or it can be used as a statement. Nowadays there is a large selection of different smartphone cases that can combine both.

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Written by Marcus Svensson

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