How to get rid of annoying ads on your phone

How to get rid of annoying ads on your phone

So, we’ve all been there – reading an article or watching a fun video when annoying ads suddenly start popping up and interfering with our experience. Not only are these ads irritating, annoying ads and viruses usually come hand in hand, posing a danger to our phones and tablets. Removing annoying ads seems the only way to make full use of our time because it limits all unnecessary distractions to a minimum. No matter whether you’re trying to concentrate on your work, read or watch, all annoying ads have to go.

How to remove annoying ads from Android phone

It seems that Android users are bombarded with annoying ads even more than iPhone owners, which is why they keep searching “block annoying ads chrome”. The good news is that Chrome developers took care of a user-friendly interface and do allow users a chance to block most ads – or, at least, most of these annoying pop-up ads. It all goes down to a few simple steps:

  1. Open your Chrome browser
  2. Tap on ‘Menu’
  3. Proceed to ‘Settings’
  4. Scroll down till you see ‘Advanced’ section and tap ‘Site Settings’
  5. Under ‘Site Setting’ menu, choose ‘Pop-ups and redirects’
  6. Tap on a toggle bar that says ‘Block sites from showing pop-ups and redirects’ to ‘Blocked’
  7. When done, go back under ‘Site Setting’ menu, choose ‘Notifications’
  8. Tap on a toggle bar that says ‘Sites can ask to send notifications’ to ‘Blocked’

That is the quickest and surest way to block some of the annoying ads, but sadly – not all of them. For example, it won’t help with annoying ads in YouTube or any other site that shows ads unless you have a premium account. For that, you will need a full-scale AdBlocker.

How to remove annoying ads from iOS device

Now, to be completely fair – how do you remove annoying ads on iPhone? Pretty much the same if you’ve set Chrome to your default browser. If your default is Safari, then:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll down to Safari
  3. Toggle on ‘Block Pop-ups’ in the Safari general menu

That’s pretty much it – just like with an Android phone, this option will block plenty of annoying pop-up ads, but sadly – not all of them. And that’s why you may need an AdBlocker.

AdBlockers and their benefits

AdBlockers are special softwares that are way more effective than simply playing with your default browser settings. Of course, like most things in life, super-effective tools are paid ones, but it is always possible to get started with a free version. In fact, most blockers have a simpler, free version and a paid one that ensures ultimate protection from annoying pop-ups. Another reason to consider AdBlockers is that they are compatible with most widespread browsers (definitely Chrome and Safari), which means that they do not depend on your phone model or operational system. There are plenty of AdBlocker tools that you can use to block annoying ads on your device.


The final word of advice for Android users is to use a quality antivirus software because, unlike Apple, there are more malicious viruses for Android devices. And, as we already mentioned, annoying ads can also be malicious and potentially dangerous for your software and private data, so the first reason to have that annoying ads block running is data and identity safety.

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Written by Jeremy Ambrose

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