How to create a welcoming guest bedroom

How to create a welcoming guest bedroom

Having guests in your house should be a memorable time for them and a place they can get plenty of relaxation. To be a good host, you must create a guest room that is comfortable, peaceful, and as inviting as possible. How do you ensure your guests get deep and restful sleep as they stay in your home? A lot comes to play when you seek to improve the space you intend your guests to stay, and below are easy and quick ways to outfit an inviting guest space.

To begin with, swap out your usual bedding for comfortable linens with a comfy mattress to match. Sealy’s Cocoon online mattress are top quality and an ideal choice to start off to create your guest room space. Also, get quality pillows, a sheet set, and a mattress protector. And, you can consider adding a weighted blanket to help settle the nervous system and the body after your guests’ long day. Plus, it is good to support a restful sleep at night.

2. Create a calm zone

Have a dedicated spot to chill for your guests after a long trip and offer a meditation cushion for them in the guest room. Choose one that is comfortable and conforms to the body. In this way, the guests forget the outside noise and focus on their meditation and relaxation. If they are a fan of meditating before bed, this calm zone will be a highlight of their stay in your home. Meditation is beneficial as it allows you to let go of the chaos of the day and supports your well-being.

3. Set them up for a silent night

After the long travel and family dinners, your guests need a quiet and peaceful space to sleep. Therefore, create a space that cancels out unfamiliar sounds, such as rampaging kids, car horns, and barking dogs. To do this, plug in a white noise machine to help them sleep better. Also, you can have them use the standard box fan or get a sleek-looking option that offers white noise applications.

4. Keep things cozy

Everyone has a preferred thermostat setting for a good sleep. You may prefer to keep your house cool at 63 degrees at night, but some guests may need some warmth. Because of this, leave a quilt or throw folded at the bottom of the bed. And let your guest know that it is there and it is theirs to use. Choose quality fabric like a cotton linen throw or quilt with a splash of color and one with a medium weight that fits any season.

5. Include a noteworthy element

It is a good idea to add a thoughtful gift for your guests. One way to do this is leaving a blank journal next to their pillow, and they can use it to write down some random ideas and thoughts if they need to or for their future use. Journaling is beneficial to an active mind, and restless sleepers can use it to write down the to-do lists that may be keeping them up at night. Optionally, you can gift them something different depending on the relationship you have with them.

6. Consider black-out curtains

Using black-out curtains ensures your guest enjoys a full night’s sleep as they block the morning sunlight from waking up your guest. Shop for various types at home improvement stores. This is an easy upgrade that levels up your guest room look and makes the difference between well-rested guests and cranky sleepy ones the next day.

7. Offer a turndown touch

It is advisable to turn off the screens at least an hour before your sleeping time. Bright lights make your body feel energized, and the blue light from devices disrupts your sleep and suppresses the secretion of the melatonin hormone that helps you sleep. As a guest, you forget this advice. Therefore, it is better to leave a selection of books for them at the nightstand table with a lamp that gives a soft light. Using such a sleep vibe your guest will appreciate.

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Written by Zeeshan Khan

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