Guide to selling tours and travel packages on Instagram

Guide to selling tours and travel packages on Instagram

Using Instagram marketing could be the best way for maximizing online visibility and enhancing marketing outcomes. Your goal is to reach a wider audience online and boost your overall brand awareness and online presence. If you are running a travel and tourism business and still not using Instagram, your business is missing out a lot. It is high time your travel business jumped onto the Instagram bandwagon.

If you are promoting a visual-heavy industry such as the travel industry, you cannot afford to undermine the power and popularity of Instagram. It is a wise move to consider joining this social networking Goliath line-up. Instagram is a gold mine, especially for your travel business since you can target millennials. Around 90 percent of Instagrammers are under 35.

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Why use Instagram?

If you wish to spread the word and pass on the information relating to the specific location your travel agency operates in and motivate people to opt for your tours and packages, Instagram is the right social media platform for your business. Today, users are using Instagram to get their daily dose of news, find entertainment, and do research. It is precisely the reason why Instagram is such a hot-favorite platform for businesses in the tourism and travel sector.

Instagram provides the golden opportunity to flaunt a spectacular destination. The use of eye-catching pictures and hashtags with the ease of viewing and sharing posts makes this social media platform the best destination for promoting your tours and travel packages and selling them. Instagram is the way to go in terms of selling tours and drawing attention to the tourist hot spots you have in mind.

Convert scrolling into sales

Instagram is a platform for building an audience and growing sales for your travel business via serious content marketing. Only the consistent and the right techniques will help you get more engagement, visibility, and followers. It will be culminating in conversions and a boost in sales. By implementing the perfect techniques, your travel business will get more visibility. Moreover, users will not only engage with your posts, but they will also start sharing them. If you are posting remarkable and unique content, it will go a long way in growing a loyal follower base. Here are some tips to boost the sales of your tours.

Remember to be on Instagram for Business

If you are hoping to get broader exposure and that too, on a large scale, it is a good idea to switch to a business account on Instagram. Remember that first impressions matter a lot; so, your Instagram Bio must be well-optimized. Instagram Business account could help you get more visibility, and you can enjoy certain additional features like the Instagram Insights that may help you with valuable information so that you can boost your sales. You can keep track of algorithm updates so that you can make the necessary adjustments to reach your goals consistently.

Focus on creating brilliant social content

You must pay attention to creating high-quality authentic content on Instagram so that it can reach out to a broader audience and they find it interesting enough to share with their friends and followers. Instagram is a visually-packed platform. You must use well-curated content. Moreover, you must maintain consistency. You may come up with fascinating pictures that are interesting, entertaining, and eye-catching. Do not forget to add a compelling caption.

If you are trying to sell travel packages or tours on Instagram, you should focus on sharing enticing pictures of the travel destination, highlighting the tourist hotspots. You may focus on the scenic beauty and come up with breathtaking shots of the rising sun or the splendid azure seas and the sparkling silvery sands. You may use Instagram Live for taking your potential clients on a virtual tour. Use professional pictures optimized for Instagram. Use perfect travel captions. You may focus on creating mesmerizing content so that your followers are compelled to swing into action.

Create and establish a memorable and unique brand identity

You may focus your attention on generating a robust brand identity by utilizing your unique brand colors, fonts, and other unique assets while styling your posts. Always be strict about sticking to your desired feel and look. It pays to keep trying out new things. Work toward achieving consistency in your content and brand voice. If your chief objective is to stand out and be distinctive, you need to focus on the consistency of content. The travel marketplace is abuzz with countless big players. So it is of pivotal importance to be unique or different to the extent possible.

Conclusion: Inspire and motivate your audience

The most important goal of a travel brand is to motivate its followers on Instagram by posting clean, beautiful content. For instance, you may come up with specific sightseeing tours and start by sharing mind-blowing pictures of the various hot spots that will be covered in the tour plan or travel packages. You may even go ahead and post pictures of happy clients.

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